About Capitol Consulting Services:

Often when I read the “About Us” page of a company’s website, it’s vague, meant to paint a business picture just nonspecific enough to keep things open.  We want you to know what the team at CCS really does...simply put, we organize chaos.

In business you sometimes have to juggle, well not literally, but we know that Sales Reps, Managers, the Administrative staff and even the Owners manage more than one business role.  Sales people need to manage leads, prospects and existing customers.  You need to be a good juggler.  That is likely why you are looking for a Contact Management system – to help you and your team manage more, sell more, and to juggle it all more successfully. And this where CCS comes in with their expertise.


We love that each business we work with is unique.  From a few Users, to multi-location, large sales teams, business and streamlining is something we get, and we want to fully understand yours.  That’s how we ensure an Act! solution built for your business, and your team's success.


Act! is the product we sell, but it’s not all that we do.  Our bigger goal is for your business process, and with our services, is more about your business than a software product.  From the moment you call, CCS prepares and listens.  Whether it’s being able to see where your remote sales team spent their time last week, or integrating with your accounting system, we’ll help you get there.


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